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AAHGS Metro Atlanta Chapter


"Discovering Our Ancestors, Our History and Ourselves -- TOGETHER"


State Focus Groups

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Jackie Herring, cooordinator

Arkansas map


Trenace Pyles, cooordinator

Florida map


Stanley Thomas, coordinator


Georgia map


Tamika Strong, coordinator


Mississippi map


Haleemah Collins, coordinator



South Carolina map


Brenda Matthews, coordinator



Tennessee map


Rosalyn Greene, coordinator



Virginia map


Charlita Friend, coordinator





Louis Childers, coordinator


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2016-2017 Officers

Gene Stephenson II- President


Gene Stephenson II

Monica Hackney

Vice President

Monica Hackney

Madelyn Nix

Recording Secretary

Madelyn P. Nix

Rhonda Barrow

Corresponding Secretary

Rhonda Y. Barrow

Maureen Hill


Maureen Hill

Trenace Pyles

Financial Secretary

Trenace Pyles

Paul Moore


Paul Moore

Immediate Past President

Emma Davis Hamilton


About Us

The Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society (AAHGS), Inc., Metro Atlanta Chapter was established in February 2000.


We are part of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc., a national non-profit membership organization of diverse membership committed to the preservation of the history, genealogy and culture of African-ancestored populations of the local, national and international communities. Presently, there are 39 chapters in 20 states and the District of Columbia.



AAHGS Metro Atlanta Chapter (in a nutshell)


"Maybe we should do it."

Sample of AAHGS-Metro Atlanta organizational flyer (March 26, 2000)

Those words, spoken near the end of the last century between two new acquaintances (Monica J. Hackney and Doris Posey) served as our Chapter's catalyst.

That curiosity and interest in family history, along with chance (and later scheduled) meetings of similarly minded persons, resulted in what is today a fluid and active group of individuals. We share tracing the life paths of our family lines, tackling the mysteries of family stories, photos and documents.


We are of myriad backgrounds researching our ancestors in a variety of states and localities, not just the ones shown here.


No matter which state(s) or country you trace back to . . .  no matter what fortunes or misfortunes, or stations in life in which you or your ancestors found/find yourselves . . . everyone's search begins with those simple words. Read more.