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AAHGS Metro Atlanta Chapter


"Discovering Our Ancestors, Our History and Ourselves -- TOGETHER"








NOV. 17, 2018
1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Turner Monumental

AME Church

66 Howard Street, NE

Atlanta, GA 30312


Ways to

Honor Your



Historic marker sample



How to request public proclamations, road markers & site renamings for your ancestor

Johnette Brooks

Historian, Genealogist, "Tribute Specialist"


Recent Meetings

DL Henderson at book meeting


"SOUTH-VIEW: An African American City of the Dead." See what you missed.


Peggy Vonsherie Allen


"Writing Your History." See what you missed.


Afrigeneas Talk

JUNE 2018

"New Look for Afrigeneas Website." See what you missed.


More meetings

Welcome to our Chapter

The Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (AAHGS), provides a monthly local forum for family-tree researchers by sharing historical and genealogical information, methodology and sources about African Americans with roots not just in Georgia, but in all states and nations.

Veterans History: "We" Were There!

"AAHGS Metro Atlanta Chapter Salutes Its Military Veterans" -- Created for our 2016 Veteran's Day Tribute program at the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History. (This link is also on our Members Only page.)


[Civil War] African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation and Museum -- This Washington D.C. institution champions the little-known story of the nearly 210,000 members of the United States Colored Troops (USCT) who helped win the Civil War. View riveting lectures by the late expert Hari Jones, who was its assistant director and curator. (These links are also on our Members Only page.)


[WWI and WWII] Black WWII History and WWI Military Records (2014) -- AAHGS Metro Atlanta Chapter meeting saluted the history of blacks in World War II, and told how to search beyond draft registration cards for family members who served in World War I. Presented by historian and figurine-maker Robert Williams, and professional researcher Elyse Hill.


[WWI] Black Soldiers Mattered [NC] -- Search 21,609 black North Carolinians by name and view aggregate graphics of their residences, induction sites and units served. Created by Janet G. Hudson based on Statement of Service Cards at the NC Archives. (This link is also on our Members Only page.)


[WWI] Video: "African Americans in World War I" (2016, 2017) -- Created by our Chapter and viewed during two occasions: (1) our 2016 Veterans Day Tribute to WWI, featuring a talk by a co-author of a book on Harlem's Rattlers (popularly known as "Hellfighters"); and (2) our 2017 symposium, "The Enduring Chronicle: African Americans and World War I: Over There and Over Here." The 2017 event co-sponsor was the National Archives at Atlanta, which also served as the venue. (This direct link is also on our Members Only page.)


[Vietnam War] "40 Years Later: Vietnam Remembered." (2015) -- AAHGS Metro Atlanta Chapter lecture and panel discussion about the African American experience in the Vietnam War.


Our Chapter Features:

►Workshops and a speakers' forum to meet the needs and interests of chapter members


►Monthly meetings that offer opportunities to meet other researchers and share research strategies, problems and successes unique to African American family tree searches


►Focused-Research Groups for researchers of specific U.S. states and other localities, plus special topics, as determined by member interest and participation


►Friendly interactions between family history researchers and genealogists of all levels of experience, from beginners to published experts


*(The 24-image slideshow at the top features AAHGS Metro Atlanta Chapter members' ancestors, American black history mileposts, significant places and some of the documents we all seek. To pause the slideshow, hover your cursor over the desired image.)